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Your Package includes unlimited instant access to all your customers

and clients.

  • Advertise on the Hotfindz Community

    Your promotions are instantly created and shown on the app​

  • Your own loyalty program

     Loyalty programs via the promotions - no more printing cards​

  • Marketing Functions

     Access to the Hotfindz marketing tools

  • Unlimited Promotions

     Add your promotions when you like using the easy to use platform​

  • Engage with Swipe and Win Games

     Build a game to attract more customers. You control the odds.

  • Database Management

     Instant data collection made easy

  • Communications

     Free Push Notifications included in the monthly fee, SMS in your         brand (cost 10cents per SMS) and 7,500 Emails per month                 included in monthly fee.  Simply add a promotion, game or                 business information and send dircetly to your members.                     You are in control.

  • Full Analytical Reporting

     Real time results - Putting you in total control of your marketing.

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